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Italy leaves Evolution (Political)
Posted 1 year ago by
The Carnage    

After many discussion within the government, Italy decided that it was time to leave Evolution alliance.

Probably most of the e-World will think it's a betrayal, but no one of them will know real reasons why we're leaving.

You will insult us, call us betrayer, backstabber and so on but still won't consider the game as it is.

It's a game which needs activity, communications, that's what we will play for.

I don't know how Evolution's members will consider us, but I want to precise that we've nothing directly against them, I personally loved play with them especially in the first months, but the game changes and so we decided to change too.

I want to thank all Evolution members when they supported us and those who have been our friends for so long sve Delije od Srbije and Runnet

Good luck guys

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