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Interview with Orlandio (Event related)
Posted 3 years ago by

Dear Readers!
Today here at Helyey News we have a special guest. A 30x elite media mogul, great writer and fighter, Orlandio .

First I would like to thank you for being here today!

Orlandio : Thanks for interviewing me!

Q What brought you to e-sim?

A In real life i'm very much interested in everything related to community and society, so i tried out a few games based on same things, eventually sticking to eR€publik. By this time eR€p had entirely turned into a pay-to-win game, so when Phobas invited me to try this new awesome game where buying gold was impossible, i jumped the chance. And indeed, in its first couple of years this game was really awesome.

Q Why did you choose this nick?

A Honestly i've no idea. i'm pretty creative and don't find it difficult to think up random names. Who knows, maybe i had just watched a movie with Orlando Bloom and got that connection from there somehow... but that's just a very wild guess.

Q You have a long career at e-sim, could you tell me how it started?

A What really attracted me to e-Sim in the beginning was politics and how there were so many players interacting with each other to build communities, lead countries etc. i joined this game at a very instrumental moment - my country had just been brought to the map a few days earlier. This gave me great opportunity to prove myself as a leader and show my activity. About a week after joining the game i was elected (by congress) as the CP of Estonia and served on that position for the first months, also aiding the government and building the infrastructures for the country for at least a year afterwards.
Eventually i got really tired of constant nagging and debating that accompanies politics, decided to try what else this game has to offer and found journalism... which i'm very much in love with to this day.

Q Who are your best friends in Primera?

A Well.... i'm embarrased to say i haven't stayed in much contact with any of them after taking that hiatus last year. But some of the best people i've known here are definitely fogfighter , Sharous , lokiju , jakegate7 , Pippis Pappa , Hamsik . i also have to mention chillyzeis for being an incredibly generous guy, something that most people don't give him enough credit for.

Q You went inactive for quite some time.Could you tell us why?And why did you return?

A It's quite simple. This game became a pale shadow of what it used to be. Big part of the reason is that it's become unoriginal - there's tons of games similar to this. What made e-Sim so unique was its lack of buy gold option. When that was added, everything went downhill. Soon enough Railman got greedy and asked his devs to add more and more pay-to-win options, which turned more and more players away, eventually leading to less cash gained. For a long time i tried to offer some entertainment, along with (more-or-less) constructive criticism about game issues, hoping that something would change for better. Things only got worse, i got tired of constant retrogression and decided to spend my life doing more productive things.
After all these years i'm obviously still addicted, why else would i be back. On a positive side, this is the only game i play atm.

Q This is a personal question, what do you think about Hungary?

A Love Hungary. Never actually been to (definitely will one day) but simply because there's some language similarities between Hungary and Estonia (both are finno-ugric languages, along with Finnish), i kinda feel related to you guys.

Q What was the best thing you've done until now in e-sim? Something you're proud of.

A Uhh, hard to choose. i feel the proudest when something i've written makes a difference for good in the gameplay, or helps some players. For example, we made tournaments into a big part of the gameplay, got rid of many bugs etc.
Apart from journalistic achievements i'm glad that we turned Estonia into a respectable country with solid currency and good people.
Most of all i'm very proud of my readership. They showed their biggest strength when i got banned for writing critical articles about Admin /Railman (R.I.P. )... My readers flooded the global, the shouts, the tickets and basically the whole game with protest letters, which eventually got my ban removed. i'm still very grateful.

Q Are there people who you would like to thank for their help or support?

A Thanks for offering this question, it led me to some really time-consuming deep digging, trying to miss as few names as possible.
Phobas for inviting me, shvo for being someone to look up to (journalistic-wise), Anqa , paranoidmelon , xisToga , loako for helping me with all kinds of staff stuff, Mozura , mihou , Mi6Ma6 , puruluks , Rytazas , Ipsiart& essex (greatest staff members ever), Ivan The Terrible , I K E A (lots of love ), Boulos Abud , jij5354 (we had some fun times back in the day ), C i i a , Dreier (who doesn't love this guy), IrishPower (Ireland ftw!!), micronation2 , Thundinho , gal12123 (best Israeli writer), The J0ker , Shivanshu , at_est for being a great president for Estonia these past months, Springie_Clara (my favorite gal, so sad she's gone ), NemesisX and ofc you Helyey for asking me those great questions. And many more that i forgot atm (sorry).

Q Last question before the end. There's something you want to say for everyone who reads this interview?

A Don't take yourself too seriously, especially in a game. Don't think you deserve something that you don't yet have - work for what you want and be grateful for what you get. Be grateful for being born in the 1/4 of world population that are lucky to have all the modern technology (including internet which you're using if you're reading this), water and food. Goes without saying that you should also love your fellow neighbors, family and people in general. Cheers!

These are very great and mature thoughts, thank you for the interview!

I hope you all enjoyed this litte interview!
Best wishes,

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