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WTF: What happened :) (Political)
Posted 2 years ago by

Hi. At first i want to thank Staff for unbanning 2 Estonian orgs but what i saw after league today

How can player who banned more than 2000 days ago froze battles?

How can things like this happen?

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Comments (12)
22-05-2017 14:02:44
(2 years ago)

22-05-2017 13:29:12
(2 years ago)

Hahaha this game can still provide rare entertainment.

21-05-2017 20:43:18
(2 years ago)

Why would they fix that? We need more IO games not e sim updates and fixes lol

21-05-2017 19:07:43
(2 years ago)

Good morning, sleepy.

21-05-2017 14:13:06
(2 years ago)

He is fake YK8aItF5zQ907OFJxp8n4_XbN7 . And real admin this Admin . But staff soooooo lazy.

20-05-2017 23:42:47
(2 years ago)

Where have you been the last months?

20-05-2017 22:55:22
(2 years ago)

yeah, its in reason, that battle remain after tournament. but no need to say that some staff member froze battle they have lots of work without it .

20-05-2017 22:43:28
(2 years ago)

Well, they said that in reason. Take a better look

20-05-2017 21:49:33
(2 years ago)

Yes. But then they can write that battle is frozen because of League or National Cup or World War Why hypocrite and show that staff froze battles

20-05-2017 21:29:22
(2 years ago)

And actually that fake admin doesn't freeze battles, mods do that and they write it as a standard

20-05-2017 21:27:50
(2 years ago)

I think they keep forgetting that the real admin name starts with A no with a

20-05-2017 21:02:30
(2 years ago)

Hackers 4 life <3

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