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[NAP] (Political)
Posted 2 years ago by
Italy Org    

After 4 months of fighting with huge investements on both sides we decided to stop this ping pong war.

[NAP] Conditions ( GER is for Germany, ITA is for Italy )

1. General rules

1.1 GER ITA are not allowed to attack each other.
1.2 GER ITA are not allowed to start RWS against one another.
1.3 GER ITA are not allowed to fight each other in battles in which one of these countries is directly involved. A maximum of 10kk of damage (or 20kk if there is 100% bonus damage, and so on for other bonus damage percentages) is allowed in a battle before this rule is considered broken if someone break this rule it is needed to deal the same amount to the other side of battle.
1.4 ITA will give GER core regions back.

2. Special rights

2.1 GER ITA are allowed to defend core regions of allied coaliton members. ITA since Estonia isn't in coalition evolution but it is in ally evolution ITA can defend them.
GER also can defend Ukraine
2.3 GER can`t dow Poland before 20 days.
2.4 ITA can`t dow slovenia before 20 days.

3. Debts

3.1 In order to make sure payment is possible if a country breaks this NAP, there will be a mutual debt made between countries. Each of these loans will last the length of this NAP, and if the NAP is not broken, the debt will be cancelled at the end of the NAP. Each debt is for 500g.

GER and ITA will set up debts to each other.

NAP is valid for 90 days after all country sign it.

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Comments (32)
17-03-2017 18:15:30
(2 years ago)

I Was really looking forward the 4TH REICH

17-03-2017 17:07:53
(2 years ago)

If someone here dont have time to rule a country becouse he have to do some real shit , then let people to run who have time

17-03-2017 16:29:02
(2 years ago)

other nap, one more time, and italy will broke that one more time...

when the german people will learn?

wat...sources? wikipedia?

17-03-2017 11:39:01
(2 years ago)

Not our fault.
Hungary decided To Leave us And of cause allies will get more Support now.

17-03-2017 8:17:29
(2 years ago)

gj germany, you are free, other ally members can stay deleted

17-03-2017 1:29:14
(2 years ago)

other nap, one more time, and italy will broke that one more time...

when the german people will learn?

16-03-2017 22:15:36
(2 years ago)

well said Green_Lightning

16-03-2017 17:36:13
(2 years ago)

Norm, the war could not be infinite

16-03-2017 15:43:59
(2 years ago)

http://primera.e-sim.org/article.html?id=113630 Merge all server

16-03-2017 14:00:50
(2 years ago)

No :/

16-03-2017 11:02:46
(2 years ago)

Well, that works too.

16-03-2017 10:47:06
(2 years ago)

or maybe we are busy with university and this game is the last thing in our mind

16-03-2017 10:26:51
(2 years ago)

People complain about a NAP because they don't see the bigger picture. Everyone needs time to replenish supplies to be able to fight latter...

16-03-2017 8:30:08
(2 years ago)

LAME!!! Spent a lot of my own goldies then just this nap. LAME!!!

16-03-2017 8:00:09
(2 years ago)

NOOBs vol. 4

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