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running for president (Political)
Posted 2 years ago by
Black Swordsman    

You think Bills should win?
39.18 % Yes
32.43 % No
28.37 % I dont really care...
Total votes: 74

Welcome fellow americans today i'm here to present myself as a presidential candidate!

this country needs some changes, and i'm the one that will make them

i hope i can count with your support

what are my plans? pretty easy

make our economy grow as well as it did once, keep our borders stable, make permanent our place in europe and ofc defend our citizens rights and respect the congress decisions.

You want to see a better america? a new america? Vote for me!

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Comments (19)
07-01-2017 3:20:06
(2 years ago)


04-01-2017 20:01:35
(2 years ago)

Gracias por motivarme para seguir como cp!!!!

04-01-2017 19:19:56
(2 years ago)


03-01-2017 21:33:42
(2 years ago)

Lol...what did i said?

no need to say no more...


03-01-2017 21:24:50
(2 years ago)

Look Bills, I voted for this sh*t because we're friends, but you can't win the US presidency this way.

1. You didn't talk about policy a lot and that's a good start, but the trick is not to talk about policy at all.

2. Where are insults pointed towards your opponent? How do you expect people to find you presidential if you don't call people you don't like c*nts.

3. Where are subtle racist comments about a random minority?

4. You didn't mention Rosie O'Donnell at all!

5. Use words like "bigly", "tremendous" or "China" a lot. A LOT.

Just Trump it up a little bit man. At least show us you're trying.

03-01-2017 19:56:12
(2 years ago)


03-01-2017 19:25:18
(2 years ago)

A Portuguese player running for cp of USA while USA is enemy of Portugal, xD
irony of destiny

03-01-2017 18:13:06
(2 years ago)

yes it is Gunny :o

03-01-2017 18:11:37
(2 years ago)

sure we can, we will deliver plenty of "freedom" xD

03-01-2017 17:27:54
(2 years ago)

Can at least deliver "freedom" to other countries ?

03-01-2017 17:17:58
(2 years ago)


03-01-2017 16:58:47
(2 years ago)

Hahahahaha good joke!
Wait is this serious?

03-01-2017 15:23:48
(2 years ago)

well about vietnam... i wasnt borned yet i'm sorry blackapple but i wont build a wall, i'll build a gran canyon !! the best border defense EVER!!

MasterGR we barely have for us :/ can't give you that!

03-01-2017 13:12:45
(2 years ago)


03-01-2017 12:58:22
(2 years ago)

Will you build a wall on the mexican border and make them pay for it??

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