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[MoC] Bills, jobs and fewdz (Old article)
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United Kingdom Org    

29th December 2011 Day 115

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Parliament Bill passes

See that big chair at the back behind the table? That’s where Quagmire sits.

Recently Congress has been working to pin down a set of rules to make passing laws a much smoother and more organised process, in the form of Bacon’s Parliament Bill . Laws don't really make for very easy reading so I'll summarize the important bits for you:

Members of congress will not be allowed to do certain things without first discussing it in the forums. This includes proposing laws, changes to legislation, accepting citizenship requests etc. Anybody breaking these rules will be punished. Punishments range from temporary bans to not being allowed to candidate for congress ever again.

As well as regulating lawmaking, this bill also introduces the position of Speaker. The Speaker is chosen by the Country President (Prime Minister) to moderate votes and discussion in lieu of the CP who does not vote. For the remainder of this term Smack has chosen Quagmire as his speaker. Congratulation and good luck Quagmire!

High paying jobs

We need YOU to pretend you’re carrying planes while standing in front of some tanks.

In order to increase supply, the government is now offering jobs at competitive wages. We guarantee we will be able to beat any job market offers, so just PM coolasfcuk for a job and wage offer. Not only is this an opportunity to make more money, you will be doing vital work for the good of the UK.


I hope you had a very merry Christmas

Yes, this is still running! For those of you who don’t know by now, the government will give you free Q3 food every day just for posting a picture of a hot girl (or guy) in a Bewbz4Fewdz thread . But it gets better, we are also pleased to announce that while stocks last you can also receive Q2 gifts! We only have a limited supply though, so hurry! You must be level 10 or under to receive these but if you’re not then it’s still worth checking out the UK forums for other goodies.

~Luke Warm

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