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Ok guys, time to leave the server ;) (Political)
Posted 3 years ago by

Hi guys,

It's been a long time that I am not active here, but today I decided to leave officially.

It's been a wonderful time with you guys, we had good and bad moments, but at the end, we stayed strong, together.

I won't start saying goodbye personally to everyone that I knew here, cause it will be too long, but yet, I will say a personal goodbye to some of you

shlomi6 ,
Undoubtedly one of the greatest guys I have met here had a wonderful time with you, dear friend, and I hope that we will still talk in IRC like we used and use to do

nevo1234 ,
One of the best players I have ever met, lately we didn't talk too much, but when we used to talk, it was wonderful (at least for me).
Without you, I wouldn't be able to write this article (at least now from this acc).

Runnet ,
Great guy and player, had a really good time talking with you, and we will probably talk again.
Continue to rule Israel like you know to do, you are probably the last player that knows how to do it (and want to).

And ofc I don't forget my best e-sim friend, AH333 , that teach me everything.
He left the game so it is pointless to write anything about him here

And to all others from this server,
I will miss you very much, but it is not the end I will be available on IRC, and will continue to play at Suna.
Continue to enjoy this game, because that is what matters, don't take things from here too hard, and just chill

Please don't ask for gifts.

Last article, 18:15:09, 13-11-2016 day 1896.


Hail Israel,
Hail Samson,
Hail E-sim community.

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