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With love , Happy birthday Leila. (Political)
Posted 3 years ago by

In the name of beloved
به نام معشوق

In the occasion of leila's birthday.
به مناسبت تولد لیلا.
پی به راز سفرم برد و چنان ابر گریست
دید باز امدنی در پی این رفتن نیست
Woke the secret of my refuge
Found no return from this leave.

همه گفتن "مرو" دیدم و نشنیدم شان
مثل این بود که به یک رود بگویند:بایست

They all begged the differ , i saw but didn't hear.
It's like asking to stop the river.

مفتضح بودن از این بیش که در اول قهر
فکر برگشتنم و واسطه ای نیست که نیست

Tragedy was greater then, in start.
I seek return but there is no more run.

در جهان تهی از عشق نمی مانم چون
در جهانِ تهی از عشق نمیباید زیست

I shouldn't live in wold without love.
Bcz in a wold without love shall not live.
دهخدا تجربه عشق ندارن ورنه
معنی مرگ و جدایی به یقین هردو یکیست.

Prophet didn't know love , bcz
Meaning of "death" and "separation" is the same.

In the loveing memory and appreciation of one of our most beloved , Modrator / leader / friend leila jon
may you always be loved and appreciated .

Thank you for your hard work in Staff and community , ((Specially my MU ))

I SALUT you.

And to my readers thank you for your time , It's time for cake now .
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