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Vengeance @ Romania (Economical)
Posted 3 years ago by

Hi, ladies and gentlemen

This time I want to talk about ethics. Where are boundaries to one persons "revenge"?

As you all know, few days ago I published article about worst ec0n0mies in Primera, and one of them was Romania. I said Romania market was good until current CP. Current CP is killing Romania ec0n0my.

After that Romania President WarriorGhost , very insulted, wrote

With this he changed official RON rate from 0.0555 (g for 1 RON) to 0.051. Not a big deal in general. But.


What he really does for his country?

1. Constant currency rate change dis-balances ec0n0my. It results
2. Changes in product prices - people are trying avoid loses by increasing the price:

3. Changes his own country men savings - people can buy less;
4. Changes salaries. Not the amount of RON you get for work, but what you can buy for them.
5. Sellers are leaving Romania market - they can't know, what is in WarriorGhost head, what he will do next - maybe currency rate will change to 0,02 g for 1 RON - no one knows.
6. The less sellers are on the market, the higher price....

This is a circle. And current CP does everything in his powers to kill Romania ec0n0my and people's trust.

My motive

You may think I write all this because I have interests in RO (I have like 3k RON), but I ensure you - for me it's not a big money, i can sell for lower currency rate and forget it. No, this is not my reason.

Please understand - Presidents like this joker comes to different countries time to time and they do the same thing - they come to balanced country, kill the ec0n0my, but at the same time they can give a lot of supplies to people. Looks like people happy. But for real, he only transmits problems to next CP. In ec0n0my terms spending more currency without g backup is only a loan from the market with very big interest.

You can change currency rate as much as you want, but only stable monetary market gives cheap prices.

All I want - to show how one weak-minded CP can change salaries/savings/purchasing_power for whole country and it's residents. Remember this article, when you vote in elections.

Good luck,
lazy PandaLT

P.S. I would impeach him. I don't like weak-minded people in government.

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