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Article from America server (Event related)
Posted 2 years ago by

Hello dear players

America server is at end. In a few hours, you will be able to merge or transfer your america account to one of ''old servers''.
Hopefully it will be without any big problems.

If you will have problems (missing equiptment, gold, stats, medal,...), please use Ticket System to report your problem. Our developers will check your report and they will try to fix it. Of course you can also seek help on support channel. Moderators will give you guidance to solve your problem ASAP.

Now for the fun stuff.

As we all know, this ''instant servers'' are basicly cheaters paradise.
It is impossible to check every player if he is done some ''funny things'' as Murica player. That is why this server will still be open for us moderators to complete our work.

Yes. Even if you will merge/transfer your account without any problems, you wil still be checked on America server.
And if....
....if you were cheating (think i do not have to place LAWs here), you will still be punished on server you've merged/transfered your account. All your ''hard work'' will be wasted.

in short
Players that will be marked (proven) as a cheaters on America server, will be punished (fined,...) for the things merged/transfered to one of ''old'' servers.

For fair players
We hope you did your best to gather as much things as you could. Enjoy your new/old server with bling bling you got on Murica.

Thanks for playing with us and we hope you will stay active on other server too.


best regards
E-Sim Team

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