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Kalev + Kaubamaja = true :) (Fun)
Posted 3 years ago by

Fellow e-Estonians.

As you know I like Estonia very much but unfortunately I'm living overseas. It's possible to survive here too, of course, Many people do. After all the majority of the human populations live in other countries. But I digress. What I wanted to say was that Kalev and Kaubamaja are going to merge. Had it been eSim they would have made a Q7 company no doubt but this is in the real world so they just got to be happy with becoming a bigger and better company. To celebrate this event they will give away bars of Mesikäpp today. Personally I find the Mesikäpp to be too sweet but thank heaven thery will give away marzipan too. And coffee and soda. The celebrations will occur at the Kalev cafe Maiasmokk in Vana Tallinn and of course in all the Kaubamaja warehouses. I envy you guys who live in Estonia now. I figure most of you guys live fairly close to a Kaubamaja. I'll miss this whole thing unless I go by airplane but that's not going to happen

So congratulations to the new KalevKaubamaja company and don't miss the celebrations and the free candy today Friday

ühe, kahe, kommi

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