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Quiz - Tallinn (Fun)
Posted 3 years ago by

Quiz published in eEstonia:

Fellow eEstonians and other people who like Estonia. Here comes yet a quiz/question.

So far during my visits to Tallinn I have always been served warm coffee. However there is a cafe in Tallinn that emphasizes they got warm coffee. Not bad to mention that but it might be a bit over-kill.

Which café is this?

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Comments (5)
24-03-2016 1:19:09
(3 years ago)

I dont know

29-02-2016 0:31:18
(3 years ago)

Well done folks. You are all right.

Kalevipoeg1 knew the name of the café

Portsmouth Loch made a wonderful description of the area

Garas added the location which indeed is next to Kaubamaja

28-02-2016 20:27:27
(3 years ago)

Kaubamaja kanti kuskil seal.

28-02-2016 17:17:18
(3 years ago)

The glass door reflects the image of cola-cola shop,the white,orange colour cars and some people that I have seen.The another shop lefts cola-cola shop which I don't recognize it,since I
couldn't read the shop name.I think that the cafe is on the small business street.It's very funny because I can see the people's face that is displayed on the the glass door.She is the adult women and she is huging something.I think that it may be a babe.

I couldn't understand Estonian words on the the glass door and I didn't try to use the tools.
I think that the cafe was established by location people.Doing the business with conscience.

It's my guess,maybe there is mistake too much.

good luck for the food's taste

28-02-2016 16:59:35
(3 years ago)

Energia Kohvik, i guess


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