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Dear Administrators (Political)
Posted 3 years ago by

I don't know from where should I start, because there is a lot to write about.

I write You in order to improve the gameplay and the game to become more interesting for us-the gamers, instead of just wasting our time. I have stopped plaing e-sim while ago and when I came back what I saw didn't satisfy me. For 4 years nothing have changed. Each country's nation has decreased, the global map was still the same, battleground's interface terrible. Some servers were launched, which I find it weakens the game- the players spread between the servers. I think E-sim must be competitive to other similar games. First of all, there should be only one server, then the battles will be more interesting. It will be competitive in every aspect- politics, armies, market, etc.

One problem exists from the game creation- if one player is not in powerful army, he can't keep on playing as others do. At the moment the game is rueful. For that many years nothing have changed. I see many players don't stick and play the game and if anyone starts playing, he doesn't stay. If its possible 1 admin to say if there is any change to reduce the servers number and is there any future in this game.

Nevertheless every player can express his opinion on the game, because the game doesn't plesure gamers needs. I really hope that post will have an effect and the admins would do something about it and the gamers would be satisfied, because we are the most important part of the game. I can write a lot about problems of the game, but I think we should fix them one by one and the biggest one is the numerous servers. Thanks for the attention. Yours sincerely AtilaBG. e-sim : Primera

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16-01-2016 0:55:35
(3 years ago)

E-Sim has spoiled you..

06-01-2016 1:16:31
(3 years ago)

Oh and most importantly - reset probably helped many people leave this game and it didn't have the effect some people expected. As you can check in calculator in My Places>Train, both strength and rank give very little difference in your damage, apart from those few early ones which you can make quick. As soon as you reach the point where you earn 1/2 strength a day, you're strong enough.
Reset doesn't remove equipment and other posessions, and they are what really matters, apart from buffs.
Lower eco-skill means higher prices, which isn't good for newbies, but is perfect for oldfags ;]

06-01-2016 1:10:27
(3 years ago)

3. SB medals are from fundraisings when I was donating 2€ to friendly countries. 29 invited guys reached lvl 7, only 2 of them stayed alive, here also not that much gold earned.

For first ~3 months I barely fought, I registered my account to help my friend fight off a PTO. I was supposed to be a voter only.

This game is great. All it really takes is some effort and patience. Too many servers is a problem IMO, players dispersed. As a TS Mod I have to own an account on all servers, but there's hundreds or thousands of people like me here, who only own an account and do nothing inflating statistics, because they have an account on Suna or Secura, where they put their focus ;]
Here I only fight in tourneys, collecting medkits. Apart from that only work+train+berk+motivations if I got time. You can't be really active on more than one server!

06-01-2016 1:09:08
(3 years ago)

Rocka Hun this is not true with e-sim. Not only can you gain on, but you can also outmatch older players. You can reach top strength and even if you cannot make as high rank as theirs, it won't really matter, as after certain point further rank-ups give only a negligible difference in damage dealt by you.

This is my account on Secura:

1. I registered on Day 451, today top1 global dmg, top1 global achievements (and it's been like that from ages in both cases), one of the best equipment sets (and it was like that sooner than many others, who only later made full q6 whatever type they wanted 40/40, 40/5 etc.).
2. I bought less than 1000g in total, and I spent it recklessly when I was defending my country 2 years ago as a CP. If I didn't buy it, I'd be in the same place today.

05-01-2016 17:55:24
(3 years ago)

I don't agree.
I have seen a lot of online game and all of them have the same problem. The newcoming players have no chanche to get a good position because the old ones have everything and the new-ones turned to be disappointed and stop playing soon.
The RESET and the NEW SERVERS give more chanche and joy to the game.
Don't forget how many hundred people asked admins on europa NO MERGE. Do You think why? I Know. It was excellent to be a tank there and we didn't want to be on the 2969862987698th place on this server.
Or merge everything to the primera BUT RESET everything to zero. No skill, no XP, no strength, no money. And if you a really good player you can start again from zero to hero.

03-01-2016 13:41:16
(3 years ago)


03-01-2016 12:48:13
(3 years ago)

there should be one main server and one new every 6 month who will merge with main server

03-01-2016 11:14:03
(3 years ago)


03-01-2016 3:13:41
(3 years ago)

It is all about the quantity of players and poor quality
bryto labs is better than you don't get me mad as Gwendolen Tennyson can get because whe is scary

03-01-2016 3:09:14
(3 years ago)

I want more german players because Germany is higher populated thanpoland and the euro to be represented in this game
winter break has been a disappointment because you administration
can not get your courage to renovate the game

03-01-2016 3:04:34
(3 years ago)

Rebecca sugar is better than you guys she was the best worker on adventure time

03-01-2016 3:01:31
(3 years ago)

0.735 gold pay check level 8 skill
i am ready to quit too.

they need 6 trillion gold for
the server just to have realistic pay checks
100 dollars daily pay or i will quit
100 marks
100 pesos
good actuall daily pay

03-01-2016 2:23:35
(3 years ago)

ayy lmao

03-01-2016 2:02:29
(3 years ago)

well said

03-01-2016 0:23:45
(3 years ago)


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