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About 200% more drop (Political)
Posted 3 years ago by

Dear readers! (Magyarul lentebb olvashatod)

I'm writing about the 200% bonus drop today.

The moment that you notice this title everybody has a fake hope that he/she will get few Q4-Q5 equipments:

What we expect from this event:

What really happens:

Have a nice 200% bonus drop day!

And don't forget the boobs!

Best wishes, Helyey

Kedves és kedvetlen olvasóim!

A mai napon a 200%-os bónusz dropról fogok írni.

Ahogy meglátjuk ezt a feliratot, mindenkiben felcsillan a remény, hogy most végre esik egy pár jó Q4-Q5 cucc:

Amit várunk az eseménytől:

Ami valójában történni fog:

Kellemes 200%-os bónusz drop napot mindenkinek!

És persze csöcs mindenkinek!

Szép napot mindenkinek: Helyey

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Comments (13)
23-07-2015 8:56:44
(3 years ago)


22-07-2015 9:48:06
(3 years ago)


21-07-2015 5:59:19
(3 years ago)

21-07-2015 2:08:32
(3 years ago)

I used to laugh so much to this kind of troll articles but lately those just make me sad seeing what state this game become. Or....

too much sun hellhey? xD

21-07-2015 0:50:41
(3 years ago)

Still the same number of total hits in the battle is required for drops, e.g. 15k for the first q5 and 30k for each next q5. In most battles there won't be enough hits, and hence no q5, maybe one q4, which will give three q4's during bonus time.

20-07-2015 18:13:11
(3 years ago)


20-07-2015 16:09:39
(3 years ago)


20-07-2015 15:02:02
(3 years ago)

WTF what time was this event?

20-07-2015 7:18:34
(3 years ago)

lol i like how he put the pic twice as if it needs any translation....

20-07-2015 2:40:51
(3 years ago)

Boo.. i want say, vooted

20-07-2015 0:57:21
(3 years ago)

were I 24 hours drunk ? what happened to the bonus ? dont see it

19-07-2015 20:23:09
(3 years ago)

in heaven maybe

19-07-2015 19:04:14
(3 years ago)

where do you see bonus drop? O.o

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