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Impeach me! (Political)
Posted 4 years ago by

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Good day citizen of e-PH

I the current CP of E-PH giving you news from our congress.

Currently there is issue regarding the changes of TAXES in our govt. YhapeTs plan to make our taxes high here is the article . If you ask me my opinion to be honest I am against it. It is not good for my people to have high taxes. Why?

Propose income tax will be 10% as for YhapeTs plan.
--Having high income taxes make the salaries of our worker "the take home pay" lower because of high income tax. from 6% before and now 5% and the propose income tax of YhapeTs is 10%. So do you know the difference on 6% and 5% and you make it 10%?

Propose 10% VAT in our FOOD as for YhapeTs plan.
--You also propose having 10% VAT in our FOODS from 6% but now currently 5% VAT. Do you think having 10% VAT in our FOODS will help it to sell in the market? Remember once you raise your VAT in your GOODS the prices will raise as well. Q5 Food From 1.64php today with 5% taxes but if you implement the 10% VAT do you think it will be possible to lower the price without having financial loss on DTI? From today price of 1.64php on Q5 foods with 5% VAT DTI can lower it without having financial loss but your 10% VAT propose I assure you DTI can't lower it more without financial loss.

Propose to make our company work without the bonus high region.
--Currently I only make DTI operate our Q5 Diamond company and it's 2 Q5 Gift company. why? because PH only have high diamond region. YES before I make our 4 Q5 FOOD and 2 Q5 GRAIN working when we are occupying the VT or the Central Highlands why? common sense because we are occupying HIGH GRAIN REGION. So it is ideally to make them working.

Why I don't operate it again. Because the 4 Q5 food company is located at Philippines - Eastern Visayas without HIGH GRAIN REGION. It is common sense not to invest a company without the bonus high region why because if you do it you will having a financial loss. Productivity formula this is base on wikia of e-sim so even a 0.25 is a lot in this game.

This is the same reason why I don't operate the DTI Q1 Weapons and Q5 iron company in our country because there is no high region. If you ask me why I don't operate our Q5 grain which is located in high grain region because it's an non allied country. I am just being cautious.

Why don't you relocate the company? it is expensive to relocate the company. And it is not my fault that company is located in non high region. As you knew after the reset of this server there is a random high region happen. And I don't know if the company is already relocated.

Regarding the company of AFP which is having the Q1 Weapons and Q5 Iron company in the USA.
I already make it work before. I have article and shout asking players of PH to commune in our company there only few join not more than 5 i think that last for long. If I remember it's Dramacydal, UpOneLevel, Pepeng Perwisyo, aw3w_01, tausug, viruzjuan and carlpanda I got a list who has been working in AFP company so I know how many did. That was day 1226 - 1277 after my last term on that time. after the next CP's they already forget to revive my programs that i started.

YhapeTs I already told you when you PMed me/ tell me in the IRC in our channel about your plan. And you told me that you are coming back from being inactive for long. I told you give me your propose plan and I will think about it and I already told you that you must look around and make again familiar with the game, the economy and the political again because you stop playing for so long and you don't know what happen before especially after reset. but you insisted and told me you are already back in the game for a month but to be honest I don't notice you that long. You keep telling me and us about Duoyiza way of governing the country. To speak frankly Duoyiza time is already in the PAST and can't be revive why? if we will base on the population count Duoyiza time merely have 500 active citizen and today it's just more or less 100 active citizen so do you know the difference? Oh wait the game play that time when you can put anywhere your company but today you should be wise when operating company, your should put it in a high region that is no excuse and all player should know it. Do you know when Duoyiza take the leadership? compute how many months have past and you will know why as well. There is many changes have happen after Duoyiza leadership and yet you want to get back how Duoyiza manage or the taxes used?

My government is not aiming for profit or what so ever. if you see the income of our government is low do you know why? don't blame the low taxes but the population of the country and how many do you think buying in our market? i put 1000 pcs Q5 Gift and for a week do you know how many left? 900 more or less. The main problem is the circulation of PHP not the taxes. I already told you to the congress think of an idea how can we circulate the PHP. our citizen is just keeping the PHP they should spend it so the circulation of PHP will be good and we will have earning improvement in the government. But still you are pushing this propose taxes. You have high taxes but still no earning if you don't circulate the PHP.

YhapeTs If you think I did not do my best for this country, ORGS and this govt. check this articles of AFP and DTI

AFP Official start AFP 1227 Day
DTI Official start DTI day 1226
The Philippine Daily Inquirer

And tell me that I did not do my best!

I DARE YOU IMPEACH ME IF YOU THINK YOU ARE RIGHT! and run this country in your way

I have concluded that your propose tax is NOT in the best interests of my people.

UpOneLevel and Edward The Legend stop arguing in our LAW notification I don't know anymore your argument. but I know that I been playing e-sim longer than both of you so peace!

Current CP of E-PH bryan19

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