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Q4 Q5 companies, almost free! (Political)
Posted 4 years ago by

Dear citizens!

There are cheap Q4 Q5 companies for sale!

Q4 companies:

Q4 diamond 1, 2

There are two Q4 diamond companies for 165g each.

Q5 company:

Q5 weapon company

If you travel in weapon business and you feel it's time to upgrade, this is an unmissable opportunity. You can buy a Q5 wep company for 310g. ----- SOLD -----

If you are interested in any of the companies but you still find it expensive to buy (I think of the Q4 diamonds, cause the Q5 wep is REALLY CHEAP!) please feel free to write a message to me with your best offers.

Also for sale in high regions: Q1 weapon companies - 18g II Q3 food company - 85g

Best wishes,

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Comments (7)
24-06-2015 20:59:54
(4 years ago)


23-06-2015 1:28:55
(4 years ago)

22-06-2015 12:19:10
(4 years ago)


21-06-2015 20:11:11
(4 years ago)

Selling cheap:

Q3 Food company;
Q5 Grain company;
Q3 Weapon company;
Q4 Iron company;
Q4 DS company:

All in High regions ^_^

21-06-2015 17:11:25
(4 years ago)

yeah but relocate a company is 15g - that's 180 in the perfect region. And we can bargain about the price in PM.

21-06-2015 16:26:13
(4 years ago)

Those two Q4's are not even in a medium region

21-06-2015 13:18:36
(4 years ago)

Also for sale in high regions: Q1 weapon companies - 18g II Q3 food company - 85g

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