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Iran goes Neutral . (Political)
Posted 4 years ago by


today iran left the alliance of nameless considering Turkey attack to israel

Turkey asked us to attack israel and we told them no , and even when we told them not to go for it they did .

Iran and israel are friends , even when we are not in the same alliance.

We apologize from HSDL that we trusted TR at the first place. we wanted peace and an small alliance to get ready for future wars and growth of economics . that was the purpose of nameless which Turkey invasion to israel ruined the simplest goal .

There is no point of staying nameless anymore. we are back to neutral .

PS, we are not planing to stay neutral Considering our friends need us now .

Hail Iran , TR , israel .

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Comments (35)
31-05-2015 18:50:14
(4 years ago)

Iran - one great and valuable member of all alliances
please, please.. join Hydra, we are lost without you

31-05-2015 18:33:24
(4 years ago)


31-05-2015 18:05:31
(4 years ago)

Lol tonkica +1

31-05-2015 17:30:28
(4 years ago)

Status Of The first 10 countries

31-05-2015 17:11:47
(4 years ago)

dane, an amazing person.

31-05-2015 14:29:09
(4 years ago)

Q5 Armor crit/dmg
Q5 Helmet crit/dmg

31-05-2015 13:44:39
(4 years ago)

tonkica +1

31-05-2015 13:22:09
(4 years ago)

hahha what a joke, Iran talking about loyalty
is there an alliance on this server you didn't backstabb?

31-05-2015 12:29:20
(4 years ago)

wise decision showing your loyalty to friends

31-05-2015 11:21:17
(4 years ago)

Lel Poor Turkey :3

Btw,join back HsDl,declare full on war to Unity xD

31-05-2015 9:24:15
(4 years ago)

Hail Dane
Hail Iran
Hail Israel

31-05-2015 2:16:27
(4 years ago)

31-05-2015 0:02:30
(4 years ago)

Iran is new Italy, New title!!!

30-05-2015 22:42:20
(4 years ago)

I don't like the fact that you are considering joining one of the biggest alliances again. Sure, they need you, but that is what makes a game unbalanced. Unity also needs to be dissolved.

30-05-2015 20:14:09
(4 years ago)

Iran will go back to HsDL :3

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