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I'm BACK!!!!!
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United Kingdom
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Doing the usual and making it a competition for CP.
ArchDukeJohn posted 5 months ago

Can all congress members please mail a time and day you can have a meeting thx.
ArchDukeJohn posted 9 months ago

We now have Camo?
ArchDukeJohn posted 9 months ago

Two candidates have been interviewed? If anyone wants to they can interview me, it'd be better than interviewing myself. Anyone else care to be interviewed for Congress or in general?
ArchDukeJohn posted 9 months ago

ArchDukeJohn posted 10 months ago

Elections are coming up, can those interested in running please message me so I can ask you a few questions about what your aims are, and then put them into an article? I'm like an unofficial MoHA.
ArchDukeJohn posted 10 months ago

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