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Help fund the government! All donations will go towards prioritized Gov. spending such as upgrading certain companies, proposing RWs, and MM trade ECT...don't worry I will screenshot proof on the gold spent on certain criteria aside from the date as proof we want Cambodia to evolve! we are a transparent government
Donate here:National Treasury

CP UberNewbz
Cambodia Org posted 5 years ago

Another RW has been opened in Koh Kong .
Exploit the advantage of Rebels' week bonus and let's cut them off there.

Lets Free Cambodia!
Cambodia Org posted 6 years ago

The Cambodian Gov. suggests all new Cambodian citizens read the Org article for guides/info. about Cambodia.

Cambodia Org posted 6 years ago

The Cambodian government is on vacation today busy opening gifts and drinking like theres no tomorrow so yeah continue drinking and stay safe<3

Cambodia Org posted 6 years ago

Greetings everyone the Cambodian Government is NOT dead....yet, I have been working tirelessly to make ends meet in our small country so any new citizens go ahead read and follow the Org article to stay updated, Join the our National MU (Message UberNewbz), and lets try and get Cambodia up and alive again
Cambodia Org posted 6 years ago

Gov. Announcement: vCP: UberNewbz will be elected CP of Cambodia due to dupuncolo's emergency duties in suna, The governments current plans will still be in effect.
Cambodia Org posted 6 years ago

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