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Step 1/5 — tips for a simpler way to play

Your first time visit? Look on the top right corner. Those are mission for start. Follow the rabbit, he will tell you what to do. When you don't see the rabbit, it means you have finished all the missions for today. More missions will appear in the next day.

Step 2/5 — tips for a simpler way to play

Every day try to: Work, train, fight. Working improves your economical skill and allows you to set your own business in the future. Training increases your strength, fighting prepares you to taking part in wars and enjoying various military events.

Step 3/5 — tips for a simpler way to play

When you fight observe your health. It decreases with every hit you deal. If your health is gone, you can't fight. Then wait for another day, or power up with food or gifts.

Step 4/5 — tips for a simpler way to play

Every level and medal gives you gold — the main game currency. Gold allows you to buy new gear, buy powerups, products manufactured by other players, establish companies, start wars etc.

Step 5/5 — tips for a simpler way to play

When you don't know something, feel free to ask others! You can ask by shouts, chat, private messages or our FB fanpage.

Welcome to e-Sim :-)

That's all you should know for the beginning of your journey. When you will know all the rules and habits in e-Sim you can focus on:
      — traveling to another countries
      — starting your own business
      — setting up a newspaper
      — political career
      — military career
      — business career
      — and finally conquering other countries