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[Updated] Wood/Stone Possible Solution(s) [Problem Related] (Economical)
Posted 4 years ago by

Hello commerades!

Today I want to present you short proposition consisting one of the most important problems occuring in the game - low usefullness of regions with wood and stone. We have seen quite a few possible solutions, some of them were better some of them worse, but in the end none of them was actually implemented into game to solve this problem. Here is my shot(it's pretty simple I guess):

1. Wood, wood, woodo.


In my opinion the regions that suffer mostly from current situation are those which have wood as their special resource. Countries with wood as high resource have generally much lower profits from taxes, their markets are less stable, as well as many of their citizens work abroad, what generates situation in which new citizens may have problems with finding work without being exploited by boss. That's why I thought about some significant change in game to change this situation. Here is the deal :

Currently wood has only one way to use - building houses, which are indestructible and every player needs only one to benefit all available profit from it. There were some ideas to make those houses destructable under some low percentage of possibility, but many players object because this kind of randomness may be significant cause of losses for unlucky players, whereas other ones wouldn't even spot the difference plus there is a chance of losing house by some new players who won't have enough gold to buy a new one, so in effect there would be no benefit for the house sellers from them, despite of their loss.

My idea is to introduce brand new product - Infrastructure(name of the product is questionable, if you have better idea how to call it, feel free to write).

This building could be placed in particular regions by the congressmen for 30-day period(for example) and would give bonus to production depending on its quality. For example Q1 will give 1% bonus to production in the area, when Q5 gives 5% of benefit. This low percentage won't make a huge difference, but may be used by the governments to attract investors to their country. Each region could have only one piece of infrastructure in the same time, but if the state officials have better quality available to deploy, they could do it by making new deployment law(they would get information if there is better or same quality of infrastructure already deployed so the law won't pass) and as soon as it's done, old infrastructure is destroyed(new one lasts for 30 days from the moment of closing voting in deployment law). I'm not sure if they should be destroyed when the province is taken by other country, so I leave that to discussion. I believe the cost of creating infrastructure should be slightly higher than creating an estate of the same quality - eg. it should be mutliplied by 1.2 or 1.25.

This solution should generate constant demand for wood, so the regions with this resource would generate significently bigger profits.

Your ideas :

Proposition by DarkDwain :

Other possible use of the "infrastructure" item would be increasing productivity in medium regions by twice as much percentage as in the high ones, so when a region with medium resources gets infrastructure bonus it has only slightly lower production bonus than high region, what may encourage citizens and governments to invest in them.

2. Stone, rock 'n' roll

This idea is one of the simpliest ideas ever. Currently we can see DS in almost every major battle of the e-Sim world. Their commonness is mostly caused by their low cost in raw. In real life building defence structures is expansive process, which requires lots of raw and work, whereas on e-Sim almost every country can afford boarders filled with DS's, so the easiest way to increase benefits is to increase raw required to build a single structure. Most countries certainly have enough reserves to pay more for DS's and since they are more expensive, people will appreciate them.

That's suggested change in cost of building DS(and possibly hospitals but they are used rarely so maybe lower cost may attract to use them) :

Now After implementing changes
Q1 300 450
Q2 600 900
Q3 900 1350
Q4 1200 1800
Q5 1500 2250

Feel free to comment and post your ideas

Wersja polska

Ogólnie idzie o to że tacy Hiszpanie albo Francuzi ciągle kwiczą że drewno to tylko do kominka i w pizdu, że mają słabe warunki, biede i ogólnie metr mułu, więc można im postawić nową opcję - infrastrukturę, która będzie dawała bonus do produkcji(Q1 - 1%; Q5 - 5%) i będzie stawiana przez kongres w danym regionie na 30 dni. Bonus niewielki ale i tak napewno znajdzie się mnóstwo rzytoff co sobie takie coś w ogródku będą chcieli postawić. W sprawie Stone'a to jak dla mnie wystarczy podnieść koszt budowy DS'a i tyle powinno styknąć.

"Zamek ciasny ale własny"

Best Regards,

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Comments (32)
06-02-2014 17:19:35
(4 years ago)

But how is it possible when new players in these countries have no chances to progress without moving abroad?

06-02-2014 17:04:00
(4 years ago)

On the other hand now we have quite a few countries without prospects.

But on the other hand, they should man up and make a baby boom.

06-02-2014 15:32:24
(4 years ago)

ceda uvreda agree!


The only think that should favor a country vs another is population (number and quality) and how that country is run. Not the fact that i have oil/wood and you have iron.... I know it's impossible to make all this resources perfectly equal but at least admin should do smth to lower the gaps....

AGREE with infrastructure, neutral on ds (making it 15 gold instead of 10, not much of a deal). Only top 5 countries really afford constant flow of ds...

06-02-2014 15:20:43
(4 years ago)

I think bananaboy said something similar, alas, e sim is simulation of real politics, and as countries are not equal in reality, why would we make them equal in e sim? I was even thinking of proposing different number of regions according to country`s population (in e sim, not in real life).

06-02-2014 10:46:01
(4 years ago)

V for Infrastructure

05-02-2014 21:28:32
(4 years ago)

Each rescource needs to be usefull bananaboy, at the moment a few of them (wood+stone and in some degree even oil) are pretty useless. Iron will always be the best region, but the other regions could have the possibility to be close

With the medium improvement thing, I think the game could be very much more balanced, so smaller countries at least have 2 possible regions, that they can fight for

05-02-2014 20:25:16
(4 years ago)

Vote for infrastructure

05-02-2014 19:52:28
(4 years ago)

I liked the first idea.

Another idea that wasn't touched upon, in this article, is the total futility of Medium regions.

All these ever seem to do is confuse new players who dump that critical early gold into companies that can and will never be profitable.

Infrastructure, maybe, could be used only in Medium regions to create the same bonus as a high region, for that limited number of uses/time/whatever. That would solve two problems. ^_^

05-02-2014 19:06:30
(4 years ago)

Coś by się przydało.

05-02-2014 18:52:55
(4 years ago)

TheJoris, I don't see any reason why your argument shall be good. Real life is a real life, and e-sim is a game, let this game be fair enought for less lucky countries

05-02-2014 18:06:23
(4 years ago)

@korzars palisades should be placed at attacker side in the RWs

05-02-2014 16:57:42
(4 years ago)

United Arab Emirates has oil and are rich, Lithuania has beer and are happy. World isn't fair or equal a lot more than in this game so don't complain.

05-02-2014 16:55:59
(4 years ago)


On the other hand now we have quite a few countries without prospects.

05-02-2014 16:48:25
(4 years ago)

Ideas been put forward before, but if we make all resources good, then it destroys a large part of the strategy of the game.

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