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[ENG] What should be done (Old article)
Posted 5 years ago by

[Translating e-Sim to other languages]


I've spoken few times with some players who spammed & invited many new players. We were talking about why new players don't join the game or leave it after 1 day. Usually they gave me 2 reasons :
- bad design: let's face it, since day 1 it was kinda bad and even with some changes later on it still could be a lot better
- english only: I don't mind that there is only an english version of e-Sim but some players obviously would like a translation of the game. If you don't believe me, you can check the install stats of userscripts

If you're old enough I guess you already know scripts for e-Sim translation exist. However, it is not a good solution and never will be for several reasons (laziness of new players, needs a lot of time&maintenance,...)

So yeah, translation should be made in game. I asked kMeel why they don't add it. I'm pretty sure there would be a lot of players who would help with translating so that isn't the problem in my eyes. He told me code needs to be changed in order to add translations (or something like that). And this brings me to my second subject :

Why do they focus on making some dumb events (like the WWs) rather than making something important like design/translations?

Some players maybe enjoyed this event but let's face it, it won't happen very often and the amount of problems around it kinda ruined the whole fun (well, I had a lot of fun when I saw all this mess but I'm a sick & hearthless person I guess )

If kMeel reads this I guess he'll tell me that I should know that they work on some other stuff atm but well, as I was saying, it's all about priorities I hope that when they're done with the current stuff they'll move on design/translations. However, hope is not enough and that's where


If you agree with the fact that they should finally start working on translations (and design but I guess they can do both ), vote this article and add a comment with your opinion about this. Then maybe we'll finally have a game which looks something like this:



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Comments (54)
25-04-2013 22:58:50
(5 years ago)

I really do like this game un like many people I know, they also say too that the design is boring but you have to think in this game not run around in games like minecraft or other rpg/fps style games.

25-04-2013 14:57:10
(5 years ago)

Great Idea.... it's nice to see people looking out for our foreign E-Simmers. Keep it up

25-04-2013 12:17:47
(5 years ago)


25-04-2013 12:10:55
(5 years ago)

I think, it could be good for the new payers who don`tunderstand english, also because i think there are a lot of people like Buildernoah95 that aare too lazy to learn another language and google translate in same cases become useless...

25-04-2013 6:29:02
(5 years ago)

Call me an idiot, but I had no idea that the game was not in the language of the players RL origin. I strongly agree that it should be translated... I know I wouldn't play a game that was only in a foreign language!

24-04-2013 23:34:21
(5 years ago)

E-sim should be translated just because some people does not understand english... ?

Really? Like do you not get what we are talking about here?

24-04-2013 23:32:57
(5 years ago)

It never be a problem for me, but i suppose it's good idea

24-04-2013 22:56:43
(5 years ago)

Summing up the whole "should the world know English or not" bias [imho]. It is a free world, some people use fluent English, some are scared when they see a single English word. It is not the duty of a person to learn a language. Also the circumstances vary a lot. Some people may not have the access/funds/possibilities etc. to learn English. It is not up to me or you to judge a person who doesn't know English because we do not know the specifics of such situation. On the other side it is the duty of a game creator to make a game user-friendly and in the case of a multimnational game - language = user friendly. We know about the problem, I told you many times before. Kaszanka (-.-) is the world record holder in terms of conversations about translation. He tells me about it at least once a week. If he would listen more carefully, he would know why are the translations impossible for now.IMPOSSIBLE FOR NOW DOESN'T MEAN NOT CONSIDERED AS IMPORTANT OR NOT SCHEDULED FOR THE FUTURE..

24-04-2013 22:56:31
(5 years ago)


I'm not that good but most of these articles are not even translatable by google translate without becoming completely sensles jibberish.

24-04-2013 22:39:16
(5 years ago)

E-sim should be translated just because some people does not understand english... ?

24-04-2013 22:08:19
(5 years ago)

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24-04-2013 19:15:40
(5 years ago)

Coming to think of it actually, no need to bother cauz the game is going in the right direction.

24-04-2013 18:14:39
(5 years ago)

for the design "problem", the new players expect to have 3D animations with a character who run and fight as with classical games etc...something which drains all the cpu power for nothing...

24-04-2013 16:11:36
(5 years ago)

Voted! Really nice work!

Sugestion: add portuguese language. Reason: This game have a lot of portuguese and brazilean players.

24-04-2013 14:20:46
(5 years ago)


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