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eq upgr calc & stats (Statistics)
Posted 6 days ago by


no i

nothing new, i just added what i had in database.

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10-11-2018 12:17:22
(4 days ago)

Dzejkob takie same marnowanie czasu jak kiedyś ;p a jak se od czasu do czasu wymyślę jakiś pomysł to już tak mam że musze to zrobić ;v

10-11-2018 10:42:55
(4 days ago)

Nie trać czasu na ta martwa gre

10-11-2018 10:34:26
(4 days ago)

For me it shows that max can only be upgraded till 14.4 which is wrong, it should be 15.6


09-11-2018 20:40:42
(5 days ago)


09-11-2018 16:03:39
(5 days ago)

Ohhh now work.. i put wrong link there... ty bro o7

09-11-2018 13:51:31
(5 days ago)

Yoshi now should be ok

09-11-2018 13:30:19
(5 days ago)

Aleksandar bl1 "bro"... https://i.imgur.com/ChR7ltB.png

09-11-2018 12:35:56
(5 days ago)

Don't work bro.Work only for primera.. XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

08-11-2018 22:03:54
(5 days ago)

Yoshi oke, tomorrow i'll check.
Aleksandar bl1 eeee, just paste link from suna or any other server?

08-11-2018 21:52:38
(5 days ago)

man,make this for suna pleasee

08-11-2018 21:42:22
(5 days ago)

Pointing out that its slightly bit wrong.

These should not be there, as the limit has been already reached in the previous upgrade (The maximum an upgrade can push is 90%, the squared parts are above that threshold)

its still really good to calculate potential max stats to be worth maxing out.

08-11-2018 21:40:50
(5 days ago)

Damn man, I am more and more impressed by every article of yours!

Keep it up! o7

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