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Peace for our time (Political)
Posted 2 months ago by
Ireland Org    
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The Irish-Israeli conflict has ended! Or two countries have come to an agreement to immediately end hostilities and move to a stance of cooperation and friendship between our nations.

Some concessions must be made to achieve a peacefully transition back to home rule, and to ensure an atmosphere of reconciliation between our two countries.

First: Israel will maintain a military presence on the Irish mainland, until Irish homeguard units are capable of defending our sovereign rights. Cork/Kerry, Shannon, and SE Ireland will remain under Israeli control.

Second: Israel will help to rebuild any damages caused to Irish infrastructure sustained from the conflict. All taxes collected by Israel during the occupation will be return to the state of Ireland, and a unspecified account of economic support will be paid in exchange for Israel bases remaining on the Irish island.

Third: Any and all military units from either side will not directly interfere with any and all military operations from either side of this agreement.

With this article signed i announce a peace for our time

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