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To all serbian players :P (Fun)
Posted 2 months ago by

My fellow cat-lovers within the Serbian Empire (if you are not a cat-lover, soon you will fall in love with them) !
Unite altogether to set up an avatar with a cat picture. Why? Because cats are coreugeas just like Serbians.

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Comments (16)
13-01-2018 14:45:41
(2 months ago)

srpski_ratnik why You need to talk about fundamental laws? O.o

13-01-2018 10:43:18
(2 months ago)

Earth is rotating around the sun

we need to discuss about that

btw about topic.i do not like cats , sorry

13-01-2018 10:37:04
(2 months ago)

I don't care about the article lol
I see comments regarding us, I simply answer

13-01-2018 7:35:16
(2 months ago)

Fun article*


12-01-2018 18:35:43
(2 months ago)

Napoleon IV Lord Werther why you made shitstorm? o.O its article about cats not about You... Earth is rotating around the sun not around France and Italy

12-01-2018 16:09:46
(2 months ago)

You don't deserve to have cat on ur avatar!

12-01-2018 14:01:44
(2 months ago)

It's easy to think if you're allied with Serbia ^^
Of course I prefer Germans than Serbians

12-01-2018 14:00:22
(2 months ago)

Lord Werther no offence, but it's definitly better with Serbians then Italians

12-01-2018 8:53:43
(2 months ago)

Oh such big punishment to be friends of italians and germans :/
It's better with serbians you will say

12-01-2018 8:34:13
(2 months ago)

I love cats but i always scared bcs cats "love" birds too...

12-01-2018 0:19:35
(2 months ago)

"french Empire" what is that, you mean about deleting france before i talk with Spain and he give you freedom?
Honor 0, you do not deserve anything better than being friends with the italians and the germans in this game...

12-01-2018 0:05:36
(2 months ago)

Napoleon IV ERROR 404 There is no such thing

11-01-2018 23:54:46
(2 months ago)

By the order of fooking Serbian cp I need you all to put this avatar on@!

11-01-2018 23:38:26
(2 months ago)

AH AH AH you copy french Empire, but a worse one

11-01-2018 23:35:46
(2 months ago)


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