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Country Analysis #2 (Political)
Posted 9 months ago by

You are welcome to article about the military and economic appraisal of countries.I will write a short statement about every country in my article and a score from 1-10.the second part will be evaluated on 3countries.Its 2. part if you want read part 1 pls check to my newspaper.


Poland is one of the most established countries of the game.Poland has an incredible population. So they always started 1-0 ahead of the game.But Poland is not on those glorious days.Lately Poland has begun to recover,it still has a high population and damage.Maybe those old glory days are not far away ADMINLAND.





According to the rumor there are more than 80k gold in USA ORG.With the stability of the country which is an EVO member, it has an economic attractiveness.But they do not really help their alliances in wars.If USA shows itself in wars, victory for EVO is inevitable.





They have a devastating military power.TITANI is dominant power.Italy is a member of Evo and the leader of the alliance.Economically, the ORG gives good support packs to those who fight for italy.They have almost everything they need to be in a country.




See you in next article.

Thanks for Read it.

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Comments (14)
16-09-2017 4:33:23
(9 months ago)

Cool job, go on with the good work and hope to see some more countries

15-09-2017 22:40:11
(9 months ago)

Poland loyalty 4 must be a joke ^^

15-09-2017 16:24:26
(9 months ago)

loyalty mean in the country.not between on countries or allies.if your country has 2-3 different groups and ths groups have problem between them there is a problem about loyalty.

15-09-2017 15:59:17
(9 months ago)

Still speaking by no sense sentences, you don't know us, our alliance does

15-09-2017 15:57:28
(9 months ago)

Lord Werther The wolf changes the skin not its habits.

15-09-2017 15:51:17
(9 months ago)

gamaran Maybe years ago
Players changed or most of them, new rulers and new society
Ask now to Evo if we're traitors, liers or whatever
And please inform yourself before talking about past

15-09-2017 15:42:32
(9 months ago)

Lord Werther i could ask you the same thing. Italy is known for backstabing and changing alliances and sides crying 24/7.

15-09-2017 15:27:10
(9 months ago)

gamaran Sorry but who are you actually? lol

15-09-2017 15:22:08
(9 months ago)

truth: -11111111111111

Wrong on so many levels

15-09-2017 0:09:40
(9 months ago)

But they do not really help their alliances in wars.

Well, u may mention that Guerrilla is USA MU too, so, yeah, we help a lot

14-09-2017 22:42:23
(9 months ago)


14-09-2017 18:37:12
(9 months ago)

Waiting to see next articles

14-09-2017 15:47:49
(9 months ago)

Nice .

Admin Land hahahaha

14-09-2017 14:01:27
(9 months ago)


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