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NAP Between Honduras-AFA (Political)
Posted 9 months ago by
Honduras Org    

This nap includes the following sides: Honduras vs members of America for Americans

The Nap includes the following conditions:

1. The duration of the NAP is 45 days (2200-2245)

2. Honduras is not allowed to DoW members of America for Americans, start RW at their regions or fight at members of America for Americans countries battles/rw's.

3. Members of America for Americans is not allowed to DoW Honduras, start RW at their regions or fight at Honduras's battles/rw's.

4. Total acceptable damage dealt in battles by both sides against the other one must not be greater than 5 mil per battle(10 mil at dmg bonus). In the case of exceeding the set limit further damage should be compensated.

5. Mexico will take regions from Xela, Guatemala, Pacific coast, Choluteca regions and El Salvador cores

6. Penalty for breaking NAP is 1000 gold.


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Comments (16)
15-09-2017 12:03:23
(9 months ago)

Put Dreier in nap!

14-09-2017 7:39:21
(9 months ago)

Lol ...what lesson Yoshi ?

You barely scratched our most distant border... you did nothing.

On the other hand Honduras wiped Mexico 4 times this year with 2 countries in the middle.

There is no defeat here...only cowards pretending be warriors and hiding behind a NAP.

But in one thing you have reason... this game is beyond salvation and very boring to me.

14-09-2017 7:02:50
(9 months ago)


14-09-2017 6:21:36
(9 months ago)

Boulos Abud if you dont accept defeat then you've already lost your purpose on this game. excuses like always from people like you, pledging from war to us for almost 1 year. we taught you a lesson and you dont care about it, you just whine. dissapointing.

14-09-2017 2:40:53
(9 months ago)

that's not even the NAP I'm talking about Genius I was talking about the Romania and Estonia -Turkey and Lithuania NAP

14-09-2017 2:21:47
(9 months ago)

Dethicon Turks didnt broke NAP. USA and China fought at Haiti that's how NAP broken. And we are different from Turkish government.

14-09-2017 1:02:16
(9 months ago)

Boulos Abud

Friend Haha so weak, that while we had war with bulgaria and colombia and Honduras we declared war, and so weak, that even with Turks we continue with all our regions, we are not many soldiers, but the few we have know how to fight and coordinate, and that's why we won many battles.

So weak but we achieved with the help of all, not only from Argentina and Brazil, remove more than 10 regions .. and erase Colombia and bulgaria from America.

sorry for you, and even if it sounds difficult, when you want to be cp again and see you on the battlefield ..

You have to learn to be a good loser. You do not always win.

14-09-2017 0:24:55
(9 months ago)

Can we trust Turks? they have already broken a NAP in the past 2 months (vs Romania by starting RWs in Romanian Ukraine then invading Ukraine when it was supposed to be a border nation)

14-09-2017 0:15:33
(9 months ago)

Lol... Brazil and argentina should have those regions not Mexico.

Mexico is very, very weak and inexpressive and without Brazil and Argentina would be wiped again.

I personally would prefer Honduras wiped instead naped but it is not my call.

14-09-2017 0:03:21
(9 months ago)

Me vale pito.jpg

13-09-2017 22:29:10
(9 months ago)

Now we can say?

Peace On America?

13-09-2017 21:48:36
(9 months ago)

13-09-2017 21:30:10
(9 months ago)

Finally I will sleep

13-09-2017 21:21:21
(9 months ago)

Signed on behalf of the whole alliance

13-09-2017 21:18:14
(9 months ago)

Signed by C i i a CP of Mexico

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