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»E-Trade : Announcement« (Political)
Posted 9 months ago by


Like we all know, IRC was the most used chat for eSim, for hanging out and trade. But, IRC is dying and more and more people are switching to Discord because of the more advanced functions and ease of use. So, I present you ultimate Discord eTrade Server!

All eSim servers are supported with 100+ online concurrent traders during peak hours

Start trading now on the new and active
DISCORD server!


you are only allowed 1 message every 5 minutes
english only

things that will get you banned

Temporary Ban
1 Warning and then 2 day ban on repetition

1. Posting any kind of spam.
2. Posting Links
3. Posting Pictures.
4. Posting an annoying amount of emojis
5. Using @ here and @ everyone
6. Insulting anyone

Permanent Ban
Discretion of the moderator

1. Insulting Moderator
2. Insulting Administrator
3. Posting any kind of offensive content


Someone giving you trouble? Feel abused or threatened by a mod? Feel like you dont deserve ban?

Appeals will be at the E-Sim Trade Support server HERE

[Note AFK'ing is not allowed here]

Mod Search

Of course, a mighty channel will need mighty moderating and we need only the best. If you want to apply for moderator, find GetUpOneLevel on theeTrade Discord channel.

We are looking for:

Moderators - Apply now

Requirements for moderator:

english language
team player
experienced eSim player
good reputation

Enjoy in the new eTrade Discord channel!

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