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The end of the road (Fun)
Posted 9 months ago by
the njab    

I decided to formally stop using this game. It's saddening you can't even request ban anymore, the game became pure product of capitalism. You can't swear and buy premium with gold aswell. Saddening, truly.

Remember kids, may the communism win!

P.S. If you still want to contact me, you can find me on Secura as taiwanese multi.

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Comments (9)
19-09-2017 13:02:41
(9 months ago)

(wrong citizen name!) nisam znao da si komunista :O

A blizu si Crkve

sram te bilo

09-09-2017 22:59:30
(9 months ago)

sto napustas siso

09-09-2017 8:05:45
(9 months ago)

why you so njab and leaving :s

09-09-2017 4:31:06
(9 months ago)


09-09-2017 1:57:56
(9 months ago)

This is called flouncing.

08-09-2017 22:27:50
(9 months ago)


08-09-2017 8:33:21
(9 months ago)

Arggh that's sad Good luck and fortunes in rl.

08-09-2017 0:46:08
(9 months ago)

because you cant quit without article

07-09-2017 21:47:57
(9 months ago)


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