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Control is an illusion (Fun)
Posted 1 month ago by
Anonimni zajebant    

How can I know that you are not just an illusion?
The shadow carefully woven from the projections of my desires
Colors are melting
Time is disappearing over the edge of universe
The clouds are piling up and rolling in the sky
And you are back again
Even if you're just an illusion
Take my hand
And come
Let's take a ride
Through this chaotic disordered
And yet so perfect world

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Comments (3)
13-08-2017 11:44:53
(1 month ago)

Normalno,koks keva

12-08-2017 11:16:33
(1 month ago)

Kakav misomor samo koks.
Kraljevski dop za CP - a.

10-08-2017 23:22:43
(1 month ago)

kadsu problemi preteški ti samo uzmi heroin

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