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Searching for Staff. (Political)
Posted 11 days ago by

To Mr/Mrs Developer: While you're at it...

So you might've or might've not noticed but there's been a lot of small changed and additions to e-Sim these past couple of weeks, apart from the new server and everyday articles from Admin news .

This leads me to believe that there's either some new developers or a new person in the management of e-Sim that is trying to improve the game.

Since first time in a while there's actually hope for some changes (whether they be good or bad doesn't even matter at this point), i'd like to point out that the Staff is incredibly inactive so maybe it's time to organize a search for new staff members.

Some of you probably still remember that in the past any time a member left the staff, got banned ( essex ) etc., the management shared an application form with us where the active players could show their interest in joining Staff.

i've been idling on Primera support channel for a day now and so far no Staff members have showed up. Only thing active there is a greeting bot. i think it's time to see if anyone that still plays this game is willing to take over some of their positions.

Let's fill e-Sim offices with people that give a s*it.

P.S. If anyone in the Staff accidentally logs in and happens to read this article - can you pleaaaAASE unban Kaitseministeerium org because an org has been banned for almost 5 months for no reason at all. Thanks.

P.P.S. Apologies if this article offends anyone in the Staff that actually is working hard... but i'm sure you know just as well that there's others that aren't and are giving a bad name to the whole group. Anyways, this definitely does not apply to every single Staff member.

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Comments (20)
22-05-2017 15:49:45
(7 days ago)

And still i havent got what Dev team promised to me, missing gold and so on.
No answer and so on, full ignore.... perf dev team eu.

20-05-2017 12:44:58
(10 days ago)

Well let's face the evidence : the game is dying...

There is a league 1 or 2 times a week only to distribute some golds and medkits to the rare active players and keep them alive.

20-05-2017 8:39:31
(10 days ago)

Orlandio - here is the answer http://primera.e-sim.org/article.html?id=114288

20-05-2017 0:57:09
(10 days ago)


19-05-2017 23:08:03
(10 days ago)

xXBetancourtXx loako Thank You! You prove that not everyone on staff is inactive (and i know paranoid is quite active as well).

However a few active members is not enough to handle the whole game. All the others that seem to only 2-click on this game ( Zevzek mentioned a couple) should be replaced. Staff just can't be active enough if all of its members aren't.

19-05-2017 21:59:44
(10 days ago)

We need another GOA. Anqa and Black are so inactive that I've sent 2+ messages to both of debt to force debt payout by selling eqp (debt is now 80+ days late) and they still have done nothing!!! Nothing!!!
I am waiting 50+ days for them to do something. Its rly bad

19-05-2017 16:08:46
(10 days ago)

penkov You havent reported that issue. There's no report. And I havent receive any messege also.

I always answer. But cant do anything If you dont tell me

19-05-2017 15:34:45
(10 days ago)

Orlandio done. Both banned Estonian orgs are unbanned.

19-05-2017 11:36:07
(11 days ago)

Who is inactive?

PM me for selling shares of inactive (20+days) or banned (10+days) players.

Link to the SC and place buy offer for that shares ( price per share - estimated value per share).

19-05-2017 10:23:36
(11 days ago)


19-05-2017 9:32:57
(11 days ago)

no_one_no_thing send message to warrior89 he helps you

19-05-2017 7:43:19
(11 days ago)

I messaged Anqa to request shares removal from two banned accounts in my SC. it's been weeks. the banned shares are still that; banned.

18-05-2017 21:37:00
(11 days ago)

since org is banned by GOA, only Anqa or someone with a higher rank is able to unban it.

18-05-2017 18:03:34
(11 days ago)

loako prove it

18-05-2017 17:23:01
(11 days ago)

Your statement that staff is incredibly inactive is false

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