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Uncle Sam Needs You! (Military)
Posted 1 year ago by

To all eUSA Citizens!

As you can see we are being attacked by United Kingdon in USA East Coast

Now we need to defend USA at all cost

Our US Department of Defense is giving supplies for all soldier who will fight for USA.

How to avail our free supplies?

Go to our Discord Channel using your e-sim name as your nick and ask for supplies including your e-sim profile link and wait patiently.

After you get supplies, I encourage you to stay in our strike channel because we will coordinate our damage there.

What to do before fighting?

-Don't buff up!
-Follow Battle Orders for plus damage
-Make sure you have full supplies (plus extra supplies due to Avoid)
-Go to bonus location for plus damage
-Maximize your fighting potential by motivating player (+5 food limits if you motivate)
-Read and subscribe to Department of Defense 's Orders of the Day to be informed

What to do during fighting?

-Use Q5 foods , Q5 gifts and hit with at least Q1 weapon (don't fight bare handed)
-If you are on our strike channel, follow orders (when we will HIT FAST/HIT SLOW/HOLD OUR DAMAGE)
-If you aren't on our strike channel, I encourage you to fight in T-5, T-2, T-1 or T-30sec (Time minus 5 mins/2 mins/ 1min/ 30sec) to catch our opponent of guard and try to flip the wall and win the round.
-Don't hit if it is already OVERKILL! (10m++ wall/Over 55%) unless told to do so, save your limits for the next rounds.
-Don't hit in the beginning of the round (Anti-Clutchers ) it's useless
-Don't damage dump!

That's all folks!

- iJeiCee01USAversion

PS: This article is an updated version of this article , when United States is being attacked by Philippines 3 years ago.

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22-05-2017 0:36:24
(1 year ago)

Just for a mission

18-05-2017 16:22:53
(1 year ago)

18-05-2017 16:03:28
(1 year ago)

Very well written!

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