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A Great Victory (Military)
Posted 1 year ago by
Shepherd Of Fire    

I proclaim that there will be a great victory had here. Not many words needed but just something long over-due. This will truly be a spectacle and something to pay close attention to. NWD is an alliance founded by pure disorder and will continue to strive to create just that. A well planted ruse has now come to a head and a country is left broken and naked. The end game has finally arrived and I cannot let this moment pass by. Rise up New World Disorder! OUR TIME IS NOW!

The USA will have their heads put on pikes and they will become my personal puppets....

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Comments (26)
19-05-2017 10:18:40
(1 year ago)

all drunk

19-05-2017 7:11:27
(1 year ago)

A Great Victory, you say?

19-05-2017 3:03:23
(1 year ago)

I love when i can do things on my own.

and im on the current USA's side. Snoop did an unexplained, selfish and stupid total dick move that will register me on my list of e-sim tyrants.

im sorry but NWD is going to crumble soon.

19-05-2017 1:31:43
(1 year ago)

<3 Muppets<3

18-05-2017 23:23:55
(1 year ago)

Rivalle your "leader" is exploiting UK and using it to win personal war. Not to mention that he can't and won't win it.

Tally ho!

18-05-2017 23:12:18
(1 year ago)

I need to ask though, if we win all of this, is it really a victory? America was our lifeline not to long ago, they saved us. But now we are stabbing them in the back. I ask again, is this really a victory? Or that just me who is fueled on energy drinks whilst trying to avoid writing a history essay talking?

18-05-2017 23:10:06
(1 year ago)

Not the worst article by Loser_Mushroom.

18-05-2017 20:37:43
(1 year ago)

NemesisX , Shepherd Of Fire where is your great victory? You were saying something about head cutting? :3

18-05-2017 15:55:08
(1 year ago)

I really cant understand how missed putting hypoTOAD on as kermit the faking FROG! God dammmm please do the joke right!

18-05-2017 15:26:33
(1 year ago)

xisToga ;___;

18-05-2017 15:19:11
(1 year ago)

Lady Mushroom u are a Pig Lady?*o* thats so fuc**ing cute

18-05-2017 15:17:43
(1 year ago)

awn, paranoidmelon u are so cute in this pic*o*

18-05-2017 12:27:23
(1 year ago)

Yoshi , I warned Snoop not to talk shit about me. He didn't stop, I punished him. Remember, Im not even in USA Gov, neither is Lady Mushroom . So basically UK and the rest of NWD is going against USA for 0 valid reason.

Im just a merc who will rekt people who wronged him.

Do you even know how hard USA fought for MX, CA & UK and got deleted because of it? Is this how they say "thank you"? Take a good look at them and how they repay people who help them.

Ohh best part is that 2 of their members are semi and fully deleted and their "leaders" opened a new front/war so that they fight/revenge because 2 random dudes rw-ed 1 region of UK. If this doesn't scream egoism than I don't know what does.

18-05-2017 12:10:08
(1 year ago)

oh btw UK and Canada, if USA does not want to join, respect that decision instead of getting triggered as hell. it might be a false warning but opening a new front for NO reason at all and with coalition members getting pummeled means suicide.

if NWD collapses, ill have nobody to frame but the commanders of NWD.

18-05-2017 11:59:13
(1 year ago)

Gunny oh believe me, i do know their goals. i've been carefully looking at Primera's progress ever since the 2,000th day. the problem is they poorly execute it cuz of overestimation.

Dethicon not even USA can have some quiet with anyone? because when y'all napped China everything went quiet for you, and suddenly boom, NWD and its stuff. cant y'all say that you wont be in either alliance instead of saying not being part of NWD and leaving Evo in the possible choice?

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