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The Truth of New Whiners Disorder (Political)
Posted 1 year ago by

As Many people already know the United states has Rejected a offer to join NWD to remain Neutral and not get caught up in foreign conflicts how does the NWD Respond? by Declaring war on the United States of course because they seem to have the if we can't have you no one can mentality usually found in Cartoon and Anime Sociopaths that can't function in ordinary society . good job guys you are worthless in every single way
here is a quote from Snoop Dog leader of the Coalition and UK (NoobK) CP
USA could have been our best ally. But since we are shitty, noobie, funny alliance

Sheep of fire talks a big game about heads on pikes yet America has been in this situation before and walked out unscathed till China got involved
who would you support the country that has proven that it can hold its own or the coalition that got 2 members wiped in a weeks time

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Comments (12)
25-05-2017 20:05:27
(1 year ago)

egzo6 just because you don't pay attention doesn't mean it didn't happen

25-05-2017 19:14:16
(1 year ago)

Dethicon What the hell are you talking about? You beat ubw? anyone beat ubw? What the hell?

25-05-2017 19:05:12
(1 year ago)

egzo6 we beat UBW by ourselves if you don't recall until they got china Involved we got attacked by Honduras Iceland and Colombia with Turkish and Bulgarian support all at once and held them off until they begged Chi-wan to get involved on their behalf

25-05-2017 17:54:27
(1 year ago)

Dethicon Being wiped by Berlarus is not any shame, even if you copied USA power 10 times you still wouldn't win 1 round against UBW bro. Then there is no sense in putting Poland among wiped countries because it doesn't show that we are weak, if i wanted I could conquer half of USA 1vs1 but i dont because i like you and china would protect you, your article is slightly bull*hity.

25-05-2017 17:16:02
(1 year ago)

egzo6 I would assume anyone could figure out which countries I'm referring to but since you asked the One that can hold it's own is the United states as proven by our decimation of the Attackers and conquest of the UK and the one who were wiped were Mexico (by Portugal at the time of writing) and Poland by Belarus

25-05-2017 14:48:09
(1 year ago)

who would you support the country that has proven that it can hold its own or the coalition that got 2 members wiped in a weeks time
Dethicon may I know which countries you are talking about?

22-05-2017 10:53:54
(1 year ago)

paranoidmelon , the problem with that reasoning is the way you see it and the way you pursue a goal based on what you see are not necessarily going to be so direct. In fact, only someone who fundamentally fails to understand foreign policy telegraphs themselves like that.

Mushy got what he wanted out of us by understanding our innermost workings and by exploiting what he understood to be our weaknesses. He understood your paranoia and the simple terms you view FP in. He understood Kamillo clings to grudges. He understood my desire to shepherd our neighbors. He understood how we see things and used it to his advantage. As far as diplomacy goes, it was masterfully played.

Fortunately for us, NWD is a clumsy weapon ineptly wielded; but that is an entirely different matter.

It matters more how the other guy sees things, not because you care and want to make him happy, but because you cannot use how you see things to your advantage against them.

18-05-2017 7:43:39
(1 year ago)

I can have opinions irregardless if they are wrong or right. If they really saw this as an insult and were willing to throw away months of cooperation over our indecisiveness than a real friend would have stood and waited. You claim they see it differently. But that is the thing about Diplomacy, it doesn't matter how they see it, but how we see it. The issue is you need someone in the middle as arbitrator to correct the communication difficulties. But no one here is a 'newb' , so we can't just throw this off as the simplicity as this is. It's just a grudge match over nothing. Some people were persuaded otherwise, but ideally if we stop eating ourselves alive, we can easily persuade them back that neutrality isn't a hostile move. Weird concept I know.

18-05-2017 7:00:52
(1 year ago)

Well, paranoidmelon , that's kind of the thing about diplomacy.

It doesn't really f***ing matter how you see it.

You have to figure out how the other guy sees it.

But, I have to say, I find it remarkable that someone who just admitted he's out of his depth on this has such strong opinions.

18-05-2017 6:06:58
(1 year ago)

I dont see how denying a coalition is a spit in the face. EVO never sent a coalition invite, So does that mean they have sense and know not to send one till we give word that we've accepted? Clearly some people were trying to force something through and this is a result. We just weren't ready to accept, congress is slow. But from what I understand we had to accept the offer from NWD. It was not binding. But disregarding all of that, if this is what they want for a casus belli then that's what it is.

I can't change what they think. I can't help them understand our situation. I'm not the CP. I'm not our Diplomat. I can only sit here and meet their choice.

18-05-2017 5:17:23
(1 year ago)

"Well, I guess we were right to spit in their faces, since they got all mad about it!"

18-05-2017 4:30:52
(1 year ago)

well, I guess we were right not to join them. They clearly have a screw loose.

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