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Joining New World Disorder (Political)
Posted 1 year ago by
Asuka Langley Soryu    

To most of you, this might seem pretty sudden but that's kind of the nature of geopolitics. I'm just not able to communicate these kind of things until a decision has been made; most of you know this but some don't.

I was pretty torn about this decision and sought as much input from congress as I could, given the urgency of delivering an answer. In the end, a slim majority of those opinions agreed with my instinct and that is about as certian as I could hope to get in a matter that people seem so deeply divided about.

The United States had invitations from both Evolution and NWD and both had their own merrits.

Evolution would probably have been the safer pick and, in all honesty, if it were only my own interests that I was considering, I would have picked them. It would simply require less effort out of me and would not have costed me the talents of one of my most trusted advisers, Lady Mushroom .

However, what I cannot ignore is that we share strategic interests with various members of NWD and have maintained a close relationship with them over the years. The fights I believe America want to fight lie nearer to us and taking the position of Supreme Commander allows us greater influence over our interests than we would have in Evolution.

In Evolution, we would have three options, which are really more like two options. First, we could take an aggressive stance with our neighbors and forcibly maintain our sphere of influence. Second, we could have hedged and attempted not to antagonize our friends while engaging with their allies. However, this is only different in the short-term and ends up becoming the first option. Third, we could do nothing and float our damage exclusively towards distant conflicts that do not concern us, while our neighbors got picked away and we get used to new neighbors.

I don't care for any of those choices and, in my opinion, those who are opposed to NWD are opposed more out of personal distaste than genuine concern and that cannot be my priority.

There is quite a lot of animosity among some for NWD and, indeed, among much of the world. NWD has become notorious for being too big for it's britches and, I suspect this will come back around quite soon to haunt us. However, in my opinion, this problem was with NWD's previous leadership and I do not believe we should paint the members of NWD with too wide a brush. Those who we have fought beside before still prefer to fight beside us, regardless of what decisions are or had been made at the top.

I hope to guide NWD in a new direction. This may be painful and it may take time, but I believe it is the best thing for both NWD and the United States. Though it leaves me with the loathsome task of leading a coalition, I prefer to be where we are needed and beloved rather than where it is comfortable.

I don't know what Congress will do, I've done my best to keep them in the loop but these discussions, for reasons that should be obvious, are ones that take place behind closed doors.


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Comments (6)
15-05-2017 22:32:41
(1 year ago)

Doing nothing is the worst possible answer.

Doing nothing is not interesting nor engaging for anyone.

You previously shouted that you were worried about being involved in another 3 front invasion; but what you do not understand is that is the most active and engaged the US has been for some time.

Invading others is usually not very interesting, but doing nothing is slow death.

15-05-2017 15:59:02
(1 year ago)

personally I say we just do what we've been doing and go our own way without getting involved in the petty squabbles of coalitions that may drag us into something bigger that we would rather not get involved in

15-05-2017 9:57:57
(1 year ago)

I'm fluctuating right now.

15-05-2017 7:21:39
(1 year ago)

do you like to fluctuate(full)

15-05-2017 6:34:22
(1 year ago)

(knowing that tyeolul's spirit might one day fluctuate fills you with determination)

15-05-2017 6:30:29
(1 year ago)

my spirit has no fluctuation

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