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Framework (Fun)
Posted 1 year ago by
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Hello Citizens,

we made a special tool to let players make their own Facebook Ads and bring new players to the game. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to get started:


If you have any questions regarding the framework, don’t hesitate to ask. Link to the framework is below:


BB and Translation Department Team

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Comments (16)
28-04-2017 9:34:09
(1 year ago)


28-04-2017 4:54:29
(1 year ago)


27-04-2017 22:28:21
(1 year ago)

The Framework? Are you trying to pull a Dr.Radcliffe on us?

27-04-2017 16:53:59
(1 year ago)

All he is saying is that he's no longer needed in this game. HE = Admin

We need new active admin that cares...

27-04-2017 15:09:00
(1 year ago)

You better start fix game!

27-04-2017 13:48:13
(1 year ago)


27-04-2017 13:19:41
(1 year ago)

Let me check if I understand it good... You want me to invite new players under my name, when you can't fix simple bugs (like battles start after tournament/league etc) or at least have GO's who can fix by hand? Bugs YOU KNOW IN ADVANCE will happen to ALL SERVER.

New player will can see bugs and all community will explain him, that no one reads tickets or fix bugs.

Would you invite as a person?

27-04-2017 12:27:39
(1 year ago)


27-04-2017 12:21:20
(1 year ago)

wellytom12 +1

27-04-2017 12:19:14
(1 year ago)

seloc esse kra tem q ir p NASA !!

mta sabedoria .


27-04-2017 12:13:36
(1 year ago)

no thanks
I don't like new players

27-04-2017 11:44:06
(1 year ago)

I think I just decided to quit. Then I puked. So I guess I did.

27-04-2017 11:43:22
(1 year ago)

no thanks
I dont like new players

27-04-2017 11:22:47
(1 year ago)

Admin: ok devs, we need more players. What do you guys suggest?
devs: Lets put ads on the game to get money and we ads our game with this.
admin: naaah, other idea?
devs: Lets ask for the players to pay for more players!
admin: Now we are talking !!!
Intern: why dont we ask what people want and suggest?
Admin: FIRED!

27-04-2017 11:08:03
(1 year ago)

no thanks
I dont like new players

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