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No Quarter (Military)
Posted 1 year ago by
Asuka Langley Soryu    


I really am quite sorry about this.

I know you didn't fight against me and I know you don't deserve this.

I did not fight against China, either, but they will take my homeland from me. They do this because Turkey and Honduras are greedy and stupid and cannot win their own fights, after they attack me. Turkey has too much pride to admit they should not have messed with America, so they cry to China to save them. I will cry to no one, but I will not go quietly.

If I must suffer for Turkey's pride, then I have nothing to lose and you will suffer too.

If you wish that I would not interfere, China must not interfere with me.

I am sure most of you will never forgive me for this and I am sure you will think me your enemy in the future.

But that is a price I am willing to pay.

And this is the price Turkey makes you pay for their pride.

I am sure you do not believe this, but I am very sorry.


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Comments (7)
28-03-2017 14:02:47
(1 year ago)

I didn't even know China and the US had a border X_X

28-03-2017 13:30:02
(1 year ago)

really really want to see the fall of China in Primera

27-03-2017 22:08:39
(1 year ago)

stop crying , die like a man!

27-03-2017 20:27:41
(1 year ago)


27-03-2017 3:58:36
(1 year ago)

Incoherent rambling to you too, Boulos Abud .

27-03-2017 2:55:47
(1 year ago)

The point is: No country is undefeatable.

With experience, war diplomacy and right conexions every e-country can be wiped including the almight China.

USA was disrespectful with Honduras since we get here, never looked for me or Dreier to talk about investiments in our market , diplomacy or whatever. You just interfere in our wars and make joke about that. So who is laughing now?

And you did same with Iceland so Turkey obviously had to step up.

We have lack of workers so it is expand or dry dead. Not greed, not stupid. It is a war game.

Now rest no doubts USA is a hell of strong country but like i said before will never be unbeatable.

27-03-2017 2:11:33
(1 year ago)

It's hard to admit stuff...

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