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DoD Orders: Day 2023 (Military)
Posted 1 year ago by
Department of Defense    

Welcome to the Department of Defense! Here you will find today's orders and other assorted miscellany. Join the US IRC chatroom to stay informed throughout the day. There will always be someone around to tell you where the USA and our allies need damage.

Supply is generally available on USA Discord server click between T-20 to T-5 of a given battle.

Not following the rules and/or not respecting the supply officer will get you banned from the strike channel & supplies.

Just click the "Priority" banner to enter the battle page.

Priority 1:
Fight in Western USA for USA
Location Bonus: Western USA

Priority 2:
Fight in Canada East Coast for USA
Location Bonus: USA East Coast, USA

Priority 3:
Fight in Canada Pacific Coast for USA
Location Bonus: Canada Pacific Coast, Canada (Occupied by USA)


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Comments (1)
20-03-2017 15:40:16
(1 year ago)

I set guerrilla in Western USA, i got some q5 weps but as i see now, i didn't even need to hit in last 4-5 rounds lol good job guyz

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