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Devil's Advocate: NPCs (Political)
Posted 1 year ago by

Want to see me talk about unpopular opinions some more? Playing "Devil's Advocate" is something I already sorta do on this newspaper.
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This article's my attempt at Orlandio's 200 gold 4 200 votes competition , if you enjoyed it please leave a vote, i̶f̶ ̶n̶o̶t̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶n̶ ̶c̶a̶l̶l̶ ̶m̶e̶ ̶a̶ ̶t̶u̶r̶d̶ ̶i̶n̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶c̶o̶m̶m̶e̶n̶t̶s̶ ̶s̶e̶c̶t̶i̶o̶n̶. Also, please consider participating as well!

I feel like I’m forgetting about something…

Oh crap!

This article’s been a long time coming, huh? Nearly 7 months since I even mentioned I’d do one of these, well I can’t promise it was worth the wait but here it is, here are my personal opinions on NPCs being introduced to the game; how I believe they’d impact it, what they’d have to offer, how they’d help make everything more fun, what’re the risks involved with introducing them and how to prevent those risks.
First off, you might be asking why even have NPCs? Well, this might be just me but I think the whole game’s barren, and not just because of the low number of people who play it, if you take everything into consideration you have only about 5.000 active citizens in primera, then stretch that out between the 86 nations we currently have in this server and you’ll see we’re spread pretty thin. I believe implementing NPCs would help revitalize the economies of several dead nations that were conquered and can’t gain their independence. Plus it’s something new at least; it brings a bit of a random simulation vibe to the game that makes you feel like you’re a part of a society instead of just being in a small group.

What NPC’s could bring to the Economy:
NPCs could be cheaper labour who’d each have their own specialties when it comes to careers. For example let’s say NPC #1’s talents lie in being a cook, but the AI makes him apply and get a job at making weapons, he could get a penalty to production of let’s say 50% and he’d only be able to produce at his full potential if he were to be producing food in a food company. This could bring in some form of strategy by the part of the employers and keep them on the edge constantly, checking their companies regularly to see if no NPC’s started working for him and is doing more harm than good, the way these NPCs would go to jobs could be at total random or by using an aforementioned AI (nothing too complicated, I’m sure the devs could work something out), all they’d have to make sure is that about half of these NPCs would go and work for their proper companies, after all in real life if you know you’re good at chopping wood for example you won’t put on an apron and go work at a restaurant, right?

What NPC’s could bring to Politics:
This, I believe will be a hard one to sell to you all but here goes nothing… I think NPCs should have a right to vote. Now, before you grab your pitchforks hear me out! NPCs would still be kept from actual political roles like congress and presidency, but depending on the laws that’re passed by the president and the congress, we could see the NPCs opinions change (a little graph at the bottom of every law for example saying if the majority of the people agreed with the congress’s decision or not, for example) and as their opinions waver it could influence their vote for the next election. Let’s say the taxes for something were lowered or raised, depending on the effect that’d have for the country the NPCs could opt to vote for another party or another candidate the next general election, or if your country rarely ever wins battles the NPCs could get sick of always losing and next election vote for a new government/president. If all that sounds too complicated then we could always have the CP get a pop-up daily with some social choice (e.g. There’s been a drought! Will you send help to residential areas or production areas?, There’s a newspaper that’s publishing bad remarks about you! Will you silence them or allow them to express their opinions? etc) each choice with positives and negatives to really make the game interesting.

How to properly implement NPCs?
That’s simple; we could take real life demographics from across the globe and add them into the game, let’s say real life Spain has 1.000.000 people, eSpain would receive 1:1000 of that population in NPCs (1000 NPCs to be more exact).
Of course massive countries like China, India, Brazil, Indonesia, etc would then have massive advantages since they have a high population, so to counter that we could simply divide countries in 3 categories, low population, medium population and large population and the amount of NPCs would be the same for each country living countries with the same density, for example.

I’m sure there are a million plus flaws with this idea but I had this article coming for a while now and with Orlandio’s contest I thought I might as well try it. But do let me know of any criticisms you might have in the comments, point out flaws in my logic and give me ideas as to how to deal with an NPC addition to primera, I might just to a revisioned version of this article with all those things.

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Comments (19)
22-03-2017 0:27:32
(1 year ago)

Extremely bad suggestion. Would be a lot worse than NPCs on other servers. RL population is completely irrelevant to this game.

21-03-2017 15:12:22
(1 year ago)

we do not need any NPC on Primera. . go far away from here !(NPCs)

21-03-2017 13:29:16
(1 year ago)

Well good thing I didn't propose any of that in this article.

If you'd read the article instead of mindlessly unsubing you'd see I gave new ideas on how to implement them and new functions they could have to make them, what I believe, would be better than other servers currently have.

21-03-2017 10:04:47
(1 year ago)

Players logic:

-sees "NPC" word
-Immediatly cries for no

this community never ceases to amaze me HAHAHAHAHA

21-03-2017 6:45:10
(1 year ago)

unsub for this spam aboth "thing " that destroy game

21-03-2017 6:44:48
(1 year ago)


21-03-2017 5:36:41
(1 year ago)


21-03-2017 2:41:13
(1 year ago)


With the old rules , npcs are good . But ... But ... But ...

Anyone decides it '' Npcs will seller CC ''
- Well its ok ,

but he move again and said .

''NPC's Will compete with other offers in the monetary market and will not be punished if use this bug ''

Well ..in secura we have many people posting offers like 1CC = 0.001G and npcs selling CC at 0 .00098G

After this we have :
- No product's in market
- SC's and trading's ruined
- Countries have BIG ( 1MI wep q5 in stock ) meanwhile other's wiped countries 1k

The npcs is only good if you are selfish, for the server, it's a horrible idea.

21-03-2017 1:50:36
(1 year ago)

Can't argue with that philosophy, but I'd also ask you read the whole article (if you haven't already) as I tried to gives ideas on how they could be improved to add a lot more to the game rather than destroy what's left.

Not sure you understood what I was trying to get at. I proposed countries having a population on a scale of 1 out of 1000 from the real world, so if real life Spain's pop rate was one million, we divide 1.000.000 per 1.000 which gets us 1.000, meaning 1.000 NPCs for that country.

21-03-2017 1:18:41
(1 year ago)

I'm a simple man, I see an article about NPCs, and ai comment: no

21-03-2017 0:49:08
(1 year ago)

Are people in the comments aware of what devils advocate means?

This was a pretty fun read though

20-03-2017 22:26:35
(1 year ago)

but if you go with 1:1000 npc logic, no country would have an NPC. or maybe it was your point? xD

20-03-2017 21:50:52
(1 year ago)

@ SwedenIsKindaNice thanks. Then I say NO again.

20-03-2017 21:45:21
(1 year ago)


NPC stands for Non-Playable Character. If you've ever played SimCity for example it's basically the same as the citizens in your town, they go to work and have their own little lives, they'd be run by some sort of AI or script instead of being played by real life people.

20-03-2017 21:35:23
(1 year ago)

I'll just go with the flow. I have absolutely no clue what NPC is...so...NO to NPCs...

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