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Theory On Alternate Universes and BH Stealers (Event related)
Posted 1 year ago by

Do you agree with my theory ?
66.66 % Yes, your theory is great and your IQ is high.
22.22 % No, your theory is shit and your IQ is low.
11.11 % I did not understand you because your english and grammar is terrible.
Total votes: 9

Hello! I have an important message : Do Not Think About Doing Bad Things. I will explain why later. But not thinking about something is very hard:


Question : What did you think about?

Answer : A pink flying elephant

You think about it because I tell your brain :
Pink Flying Elephant

This is why it is hard not to think about something, but you should try. When you think about something bad even if you don't do it you do it in a different Universe.

For example , you want to steal a BH , but you don't because you are a good person. BUT by thinking it you just created a new version of our universe where you steal BH.

This version of you did not steal and kept other person happy.
Other version of you (in other universe) did steal and made other person upset.

This is why you should not think of bad stuff! You don't need to do anything to upset a different version of your friend in a different universe.

This also works other way around, if someone steals your BH in THIS universe , it means in different universe he did not and kept you happy (the other version of you in the other version of our universe) .


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Comments (2)
22-03-2017 13:18:56
(1 year ago)

you scerd me in the last few days

20-03-2017 0:24:34
(1 year ago)

Lol, what kind of Chaos Theory is this?

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