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Which Equipment Parameter is the Best? (Fun)
Posted 1 year ago by

Which Parameter will you most likely to go for when buying your equipment, and may pay extra when needed.
55.17 % Increase Maximum Damage
34.48 % Increase Critical Chance
10.34 % Increase Damage
Total votes: 29

Hi Folks,

All of us keenly observe auction market whenever we have enough gold (usually after the leagues if I am not wrong) to replace our equip to the best combination of Parameters we can achieve. No doubt most of us will always start with reducing our miss chances to zero or if someone has any other ideas then that would be new for me

So what Parameters would you first go for? and what would be the one parameter you will rate 1st among all and may pay extra if needed?

Please give your valuable vote, and lets see which parameter wins the race. I personally believe increase in damage is best, so my vote is there


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Comments (1)
24-02-2017 19:41:32
(1 year ago)

40% crit
40% avoid
then dmg or max

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